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An Information Business

We see ourselves as an information provider and strive to deliver complete disclosure of vehicle features, benefits, capabilities, costs and condition.  Delivering confidence is one of the ways in which we enhance your access to cost-efficiency.  If you’re not satisfied that the vehicle we deliver is exactly the vehicle that we’ve promoted, we’ll make it right or refund your money.

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Cost Effective Sweet Spot

While market de-valuation slows over time, running costs steadily increase to form a cost “sweet spot” at roughly between 20 and 60 months.  By choosing from our cost-efficient nearly-new vans, you exploit this sweet spot to mitigate excess running costs.

Ultra-Low Emission Zone

While London will soon impose a £12.50/day emissions charge within the existing congestion zone, the ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) will expand to the north and south circulars by 2021.  By choosing from our Euro-6 compliant nearly-new vehicles, you secure the most economical compliance with the new standard.