Nearly-new Vans in Retail-ready Condition to the Trade

3 million small and ultra-small businesses run well over half of the nation's 4 million vans.  For most, the van is their most expensive asset and a poor choice of van/finance can jeopardise profitability of not the business's very viability.

We help on-line brokers help small businesses choose nearly-new vans that are:

  • Fit for purpose,

  • Cost-effective and 

  • Conveniently available.

How we work

Supply - We secure access to nearly-new vans in retail-ready condition from the nation's daily rental and leasing sector.

Distribution - We help on-line brokers expand their retail offer with cost-effective nearly-new vans.

Management Information - Our on-line stock portal reflects fulsome and accurate information on vehicle:

  • Availability and projected availability,

  • Specifications & Condition and 

  • Price.

Operations - We help brokers focus on selling by providing free customer delivery and after-sales customer service.

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